Seasons In Gehenna - Baglama Saz and Paul Reed Smith Hollowbody Jam

in DTube3 months ago (edited)

Here is a little jam that started out with a fast paced drum beat programmed in Superior Drummer. Once the drum track was laid out I started riffing on my Baglama Saz playing whatever came to mind. I decided to add a bit more bass via another saz track to harmonize with the main rhythm.

Still the mix seemed a bit high pitched for the drums so I added in my Musicman Stingray 5 bass. The bass has a few different effects on it throughout the song including a hint of octave pedal that drops it down a step as well as an autowah.

With drums, bass and rhythm in place I started work on improvising an electric guitar track via my Paul Reed Smith Hollowbody I. There are a couple different effects on the guitar including phaser, and ping pong delay. Then towards the end of the song I went for a chorus, reverb delay track to make a larger ambient sound.

The overall mood kind of reminds me of Virgil taking Dante on a tour through the various levels of hell. Purgatory is a much nicer place with a better range of seasons lol. Thanks for listening :-)

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