How The Royal Dubai Kids Spend Their Billions (2)

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The Royal Dubai Family is worth Billions of dollars, primarily through oil ventures. This is how their rich kids spends their parents fortunes through sports cars, mansions, private jets and plain old flashing cash!

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We’d all love to be rich. Not just millionaires, BILLIONAIRES!
We could buy palaces, fast cars, and boats the size of houses.

For a select lucky few, that’s reality. When you’re a rich kid in Dubai worth billions, owning a Ferrari just isn’t enough. To stand out as the richest of the rich, and establish yourself as the top of the wealthy pyramid, you need to slap Louis Vuitton emblems across every square inch of that Ferrari.

With money coming out of their ears, Royal Dubai offspring as well as successors to unstoppable businessmen are spending their parents hard-earned cash like no tomorrow. And here’s how:

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