▶️ Why LBRY Is Winning Right Now | EP#320

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LBRY is doing so many things right that I felt it was worth taking some time to highlight some of what they’re implementing that most platforms lack today or haven’t done as well with.

In this video, I go through LBRY and share my thoughts on what makes it unique.

These are some of the major differentiators I came up with off the top of my head. Other platforms may have some of these, but LBRY is doing so much right that I felt it was worth highlighting:
• LBRY figured out how to not incentivize comment spam
• LBRY rewards creators for views even when users are off platform
• They utilize the blockchain, are decentralized, and support open free speech
• They offer a wide range of control and features
• They have a desktop application, web browser, and mobile application all functioning and working well
• On LBRY, everyone earns and feels like they’re receiving value
• Check out the amazing growth of LBRY and the top 200 channels on https://lbrynomics.com/

What do you think about LBRY? Is LBRY the best dapp? Where do you earn the most crypto? Did I miss something? Have you found this anywhere else? Let me know your thoughts and don’t forget to comment, like, and subscribe.

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