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I’ve seen a lot of people struggle with coming up with original content over my 3 years of content creation. So, I wanted to share my process and hopefully give you some insight and tips for overcoming vlogger’s block

One of the most important things to consider is how you bring your audience value. Quite simply, value is given and derived from entertainment, education, or a mix of the two. Any way you can think of providing value to your audience will come in some form of education or entertainment. If your content isn’t either, it may be lacking value. When I talk about value I specifically mean that the viewer feels like their time traded for the content being consumed is a fair trade or even better still, if they are getting more benefit from the content than the time they put in. Try to position your content around this concept and approach your creative process.

Tracking and writing down everything is so crucial for ensuring your creative ideas are being captured when the juices are flowing. I will think of something in the shower and forget it by the time I’m done showering. The point here is that you need an easy way to collect your ideas for content even if they are rough or you don’t get around to it. You’re better to have too many ideas to work on than too few.

Recording and preparing multiple episodes at once is also very important to avoid burnout or to feel pressured to create every single day. If you batch some things together, you can then spend more time focused on one thing and you give yourself more leeway to not have to do everything all at the same time on the same day.

If you struggle to come up with topics, talk about what you like. You can always break it up into a series and get more video content out of one video. On that note, don’t record everything in one episode and be sure to change it up sometimes with a vlog, Q&A, livestream, or something unique.

By being super involved in the space really helps. For me, testing so many platforms every day ensures I always have something to say about new updates and things going on. So, because I’m involved, I never run out of things to talk about because there’s always something you can talk about. For example, say you’re a ballet instructor but you’ve not been able to work, well you could always share home videos teaching certain poses and dances. If you’re a gardener you could do a whole series from start to finish of one season of growing one vegetable let alone looking at different plants to grow, conditions, lighting, heck you could do a whole channel just about soil.

I hope this gave you some insight into how I come up with content and what my creative workflow is like. Let me know what you do and what your creative workflow looks like in the comments below. Don’t forget to also like, share, and subscribe.


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