A musical dog

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Every time I decide to make a post, it is always a text with interesting pictures. It's my usual rhythm, sometimes I run out of inspiration and then I don't try to do anything. I decided to find inspiration in the veil recordings.

Buddy is a cute dog, he has a lot of shots and photos of him, when he was little and now when he has grown up. I decided to put it all together. I got the idea by watching videos on Tiktok, I came up with one like this. Changing photos to the rhythm of the music seems interesting to me, I decided to do it. I thought it was easy and that anyone could do it, but it turned out just the opposite. I did one video for 2 hours, trying to fit photos and music, but without success, the video did not turn out as I imagined. I decided to go to my younger sister who watches and makes a video for a tick every day, she made this video that you watched, and in just 20 minutes. It turned out exactly the way I wanted it to turn out. Thanks to her for the help!

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Wow, great tik tok video! Buddy is very cute!

Do you have a link to your tik tok? I'll check it out if you want to share the link to it. :)

Thank you for the wonderful comment!

I have a tick, but I don't publish anything on it, sometimes I record myself, but I don't publish it :D

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