How many whistleblowers does it take? | OPCW staff ‘frightened’ to tell truth

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Fourth OPCW whistleblower says staff ‘frightened into silence’ as watchdog brought into ‘shameful disrepute’ over Douma probe. READ MORE:

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OPCW doesn’t exist any more. Who will be insane to accept their ‘experts’ after all of this?

Sadly the majority of OPCW members approved its latest hike in fees and to finance a new fact finding mission with the help of alQaeda terrorists through Turkey, never to answer the requests of the Syrian state like investigating the chemical attack in Khan Al Asal which was the first one ever and until date never investigated.

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It really doesn’t matter, @arabisouri, since OPCW will not be able to do any field work anymore, until they correct the attitude, and probably change the structure. It’ over with them in this (globalist) format.

We are at a point where it will take three live streams of the event occurring as well as sworn statements from the soldier that pushed the button and each of his commanding officers signed by the Pope.

Then we can have an investigation with a scope so limited that the existence of air could not be proven.


Sadly, China and Russia didn't raise their voices against the organization and ask for an investigation in its work and all its members before conducting any further work by the organization, and they didn't veto the increase in its budget last meeting, so this is what we end up with.

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