Should We Stop Using Steemit Altogether ??

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After the Justin Sun and Tron debacle, @lukestokes said last week that we should NO longer use Steemit at all.

Well, I have been migrating to Steempeak since then. I really love the user interface in general. I think it's pretty cool to be able to have beneficiaries in your post where you can choose a particular Steemian to give a part of the rewards for a specific post you create.

But that being said I still would love to keep Steemit open as an option .

Your Thoughts are much appreciated

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Yeah, I'd definitely minimize using Steemit. No telling if something malicious is added to the site that could steal your funds.

Yeah I moved to steempeak and use partiko for quick comments when I’m on the phone 😀

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I like to use esteem for my quick comments , Charles.

I think Busy is a better website anyway.

Yeah Busy is pretty decent.

Only steempeak :)

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I agree @emsonic but still nice to have an option with Steemit

Definitely not using it anymore. Vote with your dollars @robertandrew!! J Sun doesn’t deserve the ad revenue after the crap that he’s pulled. Too many other, better options than steemit.

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I have done my best to stop using the steemit front end. I try to do everything through Steempeak and Esteem now when I can. Collecting my rewards has been an issue, but I am starting to get more familiar with the other wallets now.

Well to me, normally I always use steempeak most of the time

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