Are You a Discord Junkie ? Is It Beneficial or Just a Waste of time ??

in DTube4 years ago (edited)

Some say they forge strong relationships and build beneficial networks on Discord. While some say it is a BIG time suck.

I personally think it serves a purpose ( it really does) but I do limit my time to how long I spend on Discord. Frankly, I would rather be in the "field" directly interacting with people and getting to know them on their blogs/vlogs and Curating and Commenting !

What are your thoughts ??

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Total Discord junkie. In my opinion it is absolutely beneficial. I have made so many connections through Discord that have helped me grow and become better on Steem. I don't know where I would be right now if I didn't have Discord as a tool in my toolbox. Probably just hitting 500 SP.

I agree that it takes up a lot of time but it also does help to build relationships when you can have a quick fire chat going compared to message boards.

Love some of the bots too... Super useful.

I have to admit Relationship building is so IMPT.

Well, I have mixed feelings about discord. It can be productive when it needs to or it can be a total time waster bickering with people you barely know.

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