Reward is Around the Corner - Lockdown Day #20

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I was taught to not underestimate the enemy... This virus is our enemy at the moment... I don't want to lie too much, but I had a hard time today... Someone got to a similar position earlier, or later, but we all have to go through the hard times...

I didn't have too much motivation for creating anything today... The problem is that I'm not even thinking about the stuff around, but that feeling comes uninvited...

Anyways, I have watched earlies documentaries about marathon runners and their experiences while they are doing a race... It's incredible how many phases they experience during the one race... But, almost all of them said that in a certain part of the race, around 15-20km (of 42km in total), they have a major crisis when doubts came into their mind...

Can I push through the whole race? I'm too tired at the moment? This is already too hard, and I'm not even in the middle of the race?

There is no universal recipe for "cure" that part of our "race"... It's different for every person... The one thing is sure... We have to PUSH THROUGH those times... And when we are "on the other side", the rest of the race until the goal si much, much easier...

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Recipe for keeping Coronavirus away...

  • Wash your hands more regularly, and a minimum of 20 seconds
  • Avoid touching your face, mouth or nose,
  • Keep distance when you are on the street (if you are not in a lockdown),
  • Stay home if possible
  • Wear masks if you have symptoms

Music in video:
Growing Up by Scott Buckley
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