Don't Be a Follower, Be a Leader - I Am Alive Day 16

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I AM ALIVE! Oh, yes... And, unfortunately, you have to live with that... I'm not going anywhere, so I'm here to stay... To kick your butt if you are spending too much time on the sofa, to call you out if I don't see your posts here on the CTPTalk that you are promoting yourself... To force you to turn on your brain and share your experience and knowledge with others... So, you have to live with that... lol... I'm sorry...

I don't know why, (actually, I do... lol), but lately I'm very nervous... but maybe @pixiepost said it better in our chat on Discord, that I'm "questioning things"... maybe too much... time will tell...

Yes, it's connected with this craziness with the virus and lockdowns... We just get the news that maybe, but maybe, it will be permitted to leave the home for 1 hour if you have a child under 12 years old (mine is 14, so I'm out)... So, if you have a child under 12, and you are living in Spain, you will have a right to leave your home for 1 hour, AFTER April 18... Yay to you... You will have almost the same rights as people imprisoned for crimes!

In the meantime, other normal countries, aka Sweden, people are enjoying nice weather, walking, getting some Vitamin D, and building up their immune system... With no difference in "statistics"... as a matter of fact, they have fewer cases...

Back to my vlog... My topic was "following the bad examples"... It's just another way of pressing the "EXCUSE" button... It's always easy to say: "This program doesn't work as Bob didn't succeed... So, I will not try it at all".

I was taught to look at better than me and to follow their example, try to beat them in DOING GOOD... A lot of things have changed and our children have other "idols" in celebrities that have become famous by doing stupid things... or by doing nothing...

Also, I have touched into some things about following the herd... and my opinions on that... I hope that the video isn't too negative... It was not my intention... It's just an awakening call for all of us...

Check out #IAmAliveChallenge, created by @flaxz! You can find more details about this challenge here:

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Growing Up by Scott Buckley
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