BREATHING EXERCISES inspired by Yoga With Adriene

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Every January, Yoga with Adriene organizes an online yoga journey.
For a whole month, she publishes one yoga exercise a day.
And this year, the emphasis was on breathing. From here, I got the inspiration for this breathing exercise.
This breathing exercise helped me calm down.
It helped me find a better feeling and a connection to my inner self.
I hope it will help you too and you will find it useful as I did.
Enjoy the relaxation.

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Night Music by Kevin MacLeod
The River of Hope by Emmanuel Jacob

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great visuals, but I can't relax with this type of things. It makes me even more anxious

Hi @sergiomendes,
I believe that breathing exercises can make you even more anxious. It is not for everybody. Maybe you should try something more physical, like running. I go for a long walk to calm down.

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