Success is the feeling you experience when you are in tune with yourself

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Success is the feeling you experience when you are in tune with yourself

In this video, I am asking my Inner Being, WHAT IS SUCCESS?
Is working hard the only path to success?
I got a surprising and very satisfying answer from my Inner Being. The answer gave me a sense of relief and enthusiasm. I hope you will feel the same after watching this video.
We shot this video in a beautiful forest at Pokljuka, Slovenia. I feel very blessed to live near such a beautiful place.

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Belonging by Muted
Satya Yuga by Jesse Gallagher

What is the secret to success?
I try to succeed, but I fail all the time.
What's the catch?
Am I not trying enough?
Is it possible to succeed only with hard work?
Is hard work the only path to success?

I have never seen a tree work hard, but it still grows into a mighty tree.
In nature, growth is a natural process.
Can the path to success also be a natural process?

Does a tree, when small, complain about why it is not yet large?
No, the tree does not bother itself with how tall it has to grow.
It does not compare itself to other trees, and it does not try to become successful.
Ask yourself, why are you working so hard to be successful?
Aren't you happy with your life?
Do you think that this way, you will gain the attention and approval of other people?

Just as a tree has a purpose, so do you.
Your purpose is something very natural to you.
Something you shine effortlessly at it.
And that something is unique. Unique to you.
Like, a fingerprint.
You usually do that with ease.
And when you do it, you feel positive feelings.
Calmness, enthusiasm, joy, maybe even bliss.
No effort, no stress, no forcing, no rushing.
Just follow your inner inspiration, and enjoy creating.
Just be.
Natural and light.
Like a tree.
When you have the feeling that you are in the right place at the right time, then you feel a sense of success.
Success is the feeling you experience when you are in tune with yourself.
In tune with your Inner Being.

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Great video and message! I love how you combine those happy winter moments with the narrative :)

Thank you @tibfox! I am very happy that you liked the video and the message :). I love nature and I love these messages, so I try to combine those two as good as I can :)

Wow. I have not thought in that way in life. Superb inspiration. Just natural should be like a tree. Wow. Thank you very much.

Thank you, @engrsayful for your kind comment. It is so nice to hear that the video gave you some new perspective on the topic. I love to hear that.

Wonderful video, and what a beautiful winter forest.

Thank you, @wiljaman :)! I am very lucky to live near such a beautiful place :)

wiljaman76 (sorry I didn't write your name right in the comment)

No worries! Keep up the great videos.

I like how peacefull it is

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