Community Leader Chat D00k13 & Vaultec - DTube Curation Trail, Server Upgrade, Plans

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Reviewing our community trail's first run results and discussing needed adjustments.


  • One Love DTube Curation Trail, first run test results and needed changes
  • Upgraded One Love Community Rig, 64GB VPS which should cover all the random projects I have speculated... PS @gray00 @graylan it is now time for you to do as requested by @techcoderx and move the One Love IPFS gateway to the community managed server.
  • Future Plans, video tutorial challenges(needs trail empowerment)

Furthermore after our curation trail is established we can fully empower our creators in the work they have been doing. Going on a year since main-net launch now guys, sometimes it has been complicated with things breaking or simply not working as intended. I (@d00k13) am proud to say that we have a few very, very dedicated individuals as our curation team.

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