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RE: Why I've paid for Netflix for a decade

in DTube6 months ago

Interesting take. I find Amazon has a compelling service. First I use Prime coz I am so far away from town that it is an hour drive each way for many things, so delivery is nice. Also I get Prime video and music included as well as photo storage.


I've got Prime too for fast delivery. I've seen some good stuff on Prime Video, but honestly between Netflix and YouTube and my audiobooks and podcasts, I run out of time so I haven't really taken a good look. I didn't realise they had photo storage included. I may check that out for backing up my non personal photos.

Well I should state I am speaking from the plan in the US, so I cannot be certain about the UK. The photo storage is very nice because not only is it unlimited, they do no compress the files at all. Many of my RAW files are 25MB plus.

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