🔧Fix OneNote Screen Blinking on Windows 10 + Increasing Task Priority

in DTubelast year (edited)

In this video I go over some possible fixes to the issue that has arisen in my recent super-long videos in which the OneNote program glitches and blinks to a white screen periodically and annoyingly. The fixes covered include:

  1. The usual restart or reinstall the application and/or computer in hopes of returning the computer to a previous state before any possible computer bugs.
  2. Updating the “Group Policy” within Windows 10 to “increase scheduling priority”.
  3. Manually increasing the task priority of OneNote and other relevant programs to ensure most of the computer resources are directed to the desired tasks.

The first fix only temporarily works while for the second fix I would need more time to assess how well it works but have included it because it was referenced directly by an OneNote engineer on the OneNote subreddit. The third fix is essentially a brute force technique which, although doesn’t completely eliminate any “screen blinking”, it speeds up the processing speed and lowers the lag time when the OneNote (or any other application) is rendering.

Note that I am using a Microsoft Surface Pro 3 with an i5 processor, Windows 10 operating system, OneNote note-taking application, and Bandicam computer recording software.

The topics covered in this video are listed below with their time stamps.

  • @ 0:29 - Topics to Cover
  1. @ 0:52 - OneNote Screen Keeps Blinking
  2. Possible Fixes
    • @ 1:29 - Restarting or Reinstalling OneNote, Computer, and/or Operating System
    • @ 2:20 - Updating Group Policy
    • @ 8:37 - Increasing the Task Priority
  3. @ 16:47 - My Computer Specs

Download Video Notes: https://1drv.ms/b/s!As32ynv0LoaIiLdDDxqjQatR7F-ETQ?e=nlNHyd

View video notes on the Hive blockchain: https://peakd.com/onenote/@mes/fix-onenote-screen-blinking-on-windows-10-increasing-task-priority

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In this video I go over some troubleshooting fixes to prevent the computer screen from blinking or glitching when writing on OneNote. And increasing task priority may help speed up functionality of any program in general.

View video notes on the Hive blockchain: https://peakd.com/onenote/@mes/fix-onenote-screen-blinking-on-windows-10-increasing-task-priority