🔧Fix OneNote Screen Blinking on Windows 10: Remove App Permissions

in DTubelast year (edited)

In this video I once again look at troubleshooting the issue of the OneNote application glitching and blinking when using the pen to write on the screen, and this time go over a quick fix that has worked well for me. The fix is to simply turn off all the app permissions in the app settings options of OneNote. This simple quick fix has worked surprisingly well for me.

Note that in my previous video I had discussed that increasing the task priority also helped to mitigate the glitching, but even then the issue became intolerable later on. Right now I use both methods of increasing task priority and removing app permissions. Although the issue of screen blinking and glitching still occasionally persists, likely because my note taking can be very extensive, it is at a manageable level.

Let me know if this works for you too!

The topics covered in this video are listed below as well as their timestamps:

  • @ 0:18 - Topics to Cover
  1. @ 0:29 - Recap on Previous Video
  2. @ 1:52 - Quick Fix: Turn Off App Permissions

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In this video I go over a quick fix of removing app permissions to prevent OneNote from constantly glitching out when using the pen to write! Let me know if it works for you too!

View video notes on the Hive blockchain: https://peakd.com/general/@mes/fix-onenote-screen-blinking-on-windows-10-remove-app-permissions