1109 by Keor Meteor: Liberty Street

in DTube5 months ago

In this video I uploaded the 3rd song titled "Liberty Street" from the 1109 music album by Keor Meteor. This song covers the return of Michael Jordan to the NBA announced on 9/11, photographer David Handschuh getting picked up as if by a tornado along Liberty Street, and the mystery of the millions of unburnt paper all over the World Trade Center (WTC).

The original album and more links are listed below:

Timestamps and footage used are listed below:

  • CNN: Michael Jordan is Back:
  • David Handschuh 9/11 eye witness:
  • 0:36
  • Mystery of millions of unburnt paper on 9/11: https://t.me/meslinks/21388: 1:23
    • Enormous amount of WTC building materials turned to dust: 2:26
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