1109 by Keor Meteor: 1109

in DTube6 months ago

In this video I have uploaded the 2nd song titled "1109" from the 1109 music album by Keor Meteor. This song is about the early morning news reports on September 11, 2001 which include the universal downplaying and ignoring of the giant Hurricane Erin just off the coast of New York City (NYC). I have included video footage of the audio used in the song, and the links to these can be seen in the timestamps below. NBC News reported that the United States (US) loses its 2nd spy plane in Iraq in two weeks, foreshadowing the US invasion / genocide of Iraq. CBS News says there is miles and miles of sunshine, but doesn't show the giant Hurricane Erin off the coast of NYC on the TV screen causing "rough seas" from its "chop". He also points out that the weather is quiet, a little too quiet. The video ends with a CBS News Breaking Story of the first alleged plane impact on the North Tower of the World Trade Center (WTC).

The original album and more links are listed below:

Timestamps and footage used are listed below:

  • 7:08 AM on 9/11/2001: 0:00
  • NBC News: US Loses Spy Plane in Iraq:
  • "Three Numbers that can save your life 911":
  • 0:14
  • CBS News: "Miles and Miles of Sunshine":
  • 0:27
  • "Rough seas still from the chop from that Hurricane": 0:34
  • "... it's too quiet": 0:46
  • CBS News Breaking Story: 0:54
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