NASA RS-25 Space Shuttle Engine is a Giant Cloud Generator (10X Speed)

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In this video I have uploaded NASA's RS-25 space shuttle engine test which quite literally creates giant clouds! The test is from October 19, 2017 and took place at NASA's Stennis Space Center in Mississippi, USA. The RS-25 engine is produced by the American company Aerojet Rocketdyne and is a liquid-fuel cryogenic rocket engine. The engine burns liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen, which together form H20 or water, and hence the giant clouds of water vapor being exhausted outwards into the sky. The RS-25 is the latest engine being developed by NASA with hopes of using it in the new Artemis Moon missions program as well as possibly for future Mars missions.

Note that I have sped up the majority of the video by 10X speed to better grasp just how much water vapor is being exhausted outwards.

#RS25 #NASA #Artemis #clouds #Moon

The original video as well as links to more information on the RS-25 and Artemis are shown below:


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