✈️#911Truth Part 23: North Tower Core Columns Spire Literally Turning to Dust

in DTube10 months ago (edited)

In #911Truth Part 23, I have uploaded a slowed down version of the WTC 1 North Tower's "Spire" core columns, which somehow remained standing after WTC 1 turned to dust, only to shortly afterwards literally turn to dust before our very eyes. There is also another key part of the Spire that many people, including me, had missed all these years. There are a group of core columns that turn to dust just before the Spire does, and even more clearly too! Truly mind-boggling! This was brought to my attention by my subscriber HeyOdi during my recent 9/11 Emergency Broadcast livestream, but even then I didn't understand what they meant until moments after the livestream ended.

After these other core columns turned to dust, the Spire stood upright for a few more seconds, before it too turned to dust as it gradually falls downwards. Note that the Spire is 900 feet tall, which is almost the height of the Eiffel Tower! So, unless there is a 900 ft hole in the ground, it's safe to conclude the tower turned to dust, and it certainly wasn't seen in the rubble afterwards. Also note that Stairwell B was near the bottom of the Spire, but nothing landed on top of Stairwell B or the 16 survivors on or near Stairwell B. Truly mind boggling stuff!

This video was taken from the 2:52 mark of the following video:

The timestamps of key parts of the video are listed below:

  • WTC 1 North Tower turning to dust: 0:00
  • Spire standing upright, other core columns LITERALLY turning into dust: 0:10
  • Spire turns into dust as it falls downwards: 0:28
  • Keep your eyes on the other core columns: 0:37
  • 0.1X speed: Other core columns turning to dust: 0:49
  • Height comparison: Spire, WTC 1, Eiffel Tower, Building 7: 1:28
  • 0.1X speed: Spire falling into dust (or a 900 foot hole??): 1:47

Stay tuned for #911Truth Part 24...

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In #911Truth Part 23 I have uploaded a slowed down version of the WTC 1 Spire core columns literally turning to dust before our very eyes.

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