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In this video I promote my Telegram channel MES Links and its associated Discussion group. Recently I had created a Telegram channel and found it to be very useful to quickly share lots of links, images, and videos in one place and in real-time while I do my typical extensive research. This is a great way to keep track with what I am up to and currently researching. I post lots of information relating to mathematics, science, memes, and conspiracy topics so there is something for everyone!

The links to the channel and group are shown below:

MES Links channel:
MES Links Discussion group:

Note that the group allows users to post and discuss with other users, as well as comment on posts from the channel.

Also included in this video is a quick tutorial on managing the Telegram storage settings on the Telegram desktop and Android app. The Telegram apps can be downloaded through their official website:

The topics covered as well as their timestamps are listed below.

  • Introduction: 0:00
  1. MES Links Telegram Channel and Discussion Group: 0:31
  2. Telegram Storage Settings: 4:58

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In this video I go over my recently created MES Links Telegram channel and its associated Telegram group which I use to share information in real-time while I am researching. Links to both channel and group are listed below:

MES Links channel:
MES Links Discussion group:

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