Debunking Flat Earth & Eric Dubay: Mountain's Shadow Below Clouds is in Reverse Direction

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In this video I do a debunk of Eric Dubay's debunk of my earlier Flat Earth debunk and show that the Mountain's shadow forms opposite triangular shapes depending on if it is on top or below the clouds. When the Sun goes below the horizon, it can form an epic shadow of large objects such as Mountain's or skyscrapers unto the underside of the clouds. In this case, the shadow has a triangular shape where the pointy part is near the peak of the Mountain and the wider base is on the far side away on the clouds. If the Mountain peak is above the clouds, then as the Sun approaches near the horizon, it can form a shadow above the clouds that is in reverse direction as to the one below the clouds. This is pretty straight forward stuff, but that doesn't stop professional liar Eric Dubay from lying about what our eyes clearly see. I debunk Eric's many lies in methodical fashion.

Video links:

  • Shadow on Clouds:
  • Professional liar Eric Dubay pushing bogus disinfo:
  • Lie 1: Alludes to the Sun reflecting to ground as a possible explanation.
  • Lie 2: Says ALL Mountain cloud shadow images are when mountain peak is above clouds.
  • Lie 3: Says shadow is from above the clouds. (Clouds are in REVERSE direction)
  • Lie 4: Says Sun never goes below the horizon.
  • Why is the top of the mountain illuminated but below it is not? What is causing that shadow in FRONT of the Mountain? Is the Sun below the clouds (answer is yes).
  • Lie 5: He shows the clouds in REVERSE direction to what it should be, confirming he is deliberately misleading his audience aka lying.
  • Lie 6: His graphic confirms that he is ignoring the shadow on the front of the Mountain.
  • Continues lying at end of video etc.
  • Good debunk: Mount Rainier's Shadow and Electroflerfspectivism.
  • Many photos of Mountain peak CLEARLY below clouds:
  • Mountain Shadow Above and Below Clouds Experiments:
  • Mount Rainier Epic photo:
  • Timestamps:

    • Intro and Links: 0:00
      • MES Links: 1:40
    • Previous video: Mountain's shadow on clouds: 2:10
    • Debunking Eric Dubay: 3:07
      • Lie 1: Eric suggesting shadow reflections as an explanation: 3:41
      • Lie 2: Eric states ALL images have Mountain peak above clouds: 4:40
      • Lie 3: Eric says shadow is above the clouds: 6:06
      • Lie 4: Eric says Sun never goes below the horizon: 6:52
      • Top of the mountain is illuminated but not below it: 7:18
    • Lie 6: Eric confirms that he is ignoring the shadow IN FRONT of the Mountain: 8:23
    • Lie 5: Eric shows clouds in REVERSE direction to what it should be: 9:16
    • Good debunk by Mike the Engineer: 10:22
    • MES Experiment: Mountain shadow above and below clouds: 11:43
    • Draft MES Experiments and Outro: 15:17 .

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