Debunking Flat Earth: Mountain's Shadow on Clouds

in DTube6 months ago

In this video I demonstrate that a mountain's shadow on the clouds can only occur when the Sun is near or below the horizon, thus proving the Earth is not flat. When the Sun goes below or near the horizon, it can create shadows of tall objects such as buildings or mountains that are visible in the clouds, creating some stunning imagery. This phenomenon can not occur on a Flat Earth since it would literally mean the Sun is at ground level. Some "Flat Earthers" try to deny the obvious by stating the Sun is somehow reflecting off the ground and then back on the clouds which is too ludicrous to even entertain. Nonetheless, I do a simple table top experiment showing that the shadow of the Mountain can only go above it's elevation if the light source was below the mountain. I also test out what happens when the light is shown onto a mirror on the ground, which results in some interesting but very different shadows than what are actually observed in nature. In later videos, I will debunk further bogus Flat Earth "explanations" by the likes of (disinfo agents) Eric Dubay and Taboo Conspiracy, so stay tuned!

Video links:

  • Shadow on Clouds:
  • Flat Earther says Sun is reflecting off the ground LOL 🤣🤣🤣
  • Mountain Shadow on Clouds Experiment:
  • Timestamps:

    • Intro and Links: 0:00
    • MES Links: 1:01
    • Mountain shadow on clouds photos and information: 1:39
    • Flat Earther bogus reflection "explanation": 3:24
    • MES DRAFT experiment: Shining light on container: 3:38
    • Shining light on mirror has different shadows: 4:28 .

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