🔬#MESExperiments 34: Eric Laithwaite Experiments with Permanent Magnets

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In #MESExperiments 34 I have uploaded a short clip of Eric Laithwaite from 1968 demonstrating some very interesting properties of permanent magnets that are difficult to explain with the simple magnetic pole model. The first experiment is the basic two "like-poles" repel each other demonstration. Afterwards, he places an unmagnetized steel piece between the magnets and they now attract to it instead of repel each other. The next experiment he places a second unmagnetized steel piece and this time the magnets repel each other while clinging on to one steel piece each.

In the last two experiments, Eric places an unmagnetized steel plate and an unmagnetized steel ball next to the magnetic pole. The magnet attracts the ball, but when he pulls out the steel plate, it pulls the ball with it and away from the magnet! Finally, he places a piece of cardboard between the ball and magnet, and shows that when moving the plate near it, the ball jumps towards the plate. How can the unmagnetized steel plate attract the ball more than the magnet? When there is no magnet present, the steel plate doesn't attract the ball at all. These are truly mind-boggling experiments!

Original video:

  • Professor Eric Laithwaite: The Circle of Magnetism - 1968:


  • Eric Laithwaite intro: 0:00
  • Magnetic Like-Poles repulsion: 0:09
  • Like-Poles attract when 1 steel piece is between: 0:19
  • Like-Poles repel when 2 steel pieces are in between: 0:38
  • Unmagnetized steel plate pulls unmagnetized steel ball from magnet: 1:12
    • Places cardboard between to see ball jump to unmagnetized steel: 1:33

Stay tuned for #MESExperiments 35...

View experiment screenshots and more experiments below:

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