🔬#MESExperiments 27: Spin Friction Can Make Gyroscope Rise from Steep 70° Angle (No Casing Rotation

in DTube2 years ago (edited)

In #MESExperiments 27 I repeat the previous Experiment 26 which involved adding tape friction to make a gyroscope rise from a very steep 72° angle but this time also add a small weight to prevent the outer gyro casing from rotating due to the high spin friction. And as before, the gyroscope rises very fast from a 70° angle but this time in a much more controlled motion. In fact, besides the chaotic motion of the previous experiment, overall the rising ability and rates were very similar regardless if the outer casing rotates or not.

The original unedited experiment can be view here: https://youtu.be/0PE8TZKsRQc

The gyroscope weighed 150.69 g and the added weight was 7.32 g or 4.68 % of the gyro weight.

The full experiment results along with the screenshots of the experiment progression can be viewed here: https://peakd.com/hive-128780/@mes/mesexperiments-27-spin-friction-can-make-gyroscope-rise-from-steep-70-angle-no-casing-rotation

Stay Tuned for #MESExperiments 28…

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In #MESExperiments 27 I show that adding tape friction can make a gyroscope rise quickly from a very steep 70° angle even without casing rotation.

View full experiment results on the Hive blockchain: https://peakd.com/hive-128780/@mes/mesexperiments-27-spin-friction-can-make-gyroscope-rise-from-steep-70-angle-no-casing-rotation

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