D.Tube Witness Shutdown! SF 22.8888 Freezes Millions of STEEM Funds!

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STEEMit freezing first STEEM Wallets with SF 22.8888, stating clearly that this will be widened with the next hard fork.

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The Posts I refer to:

Some random Images extracted from Twitter #SteemHostileTakeOver:


i feel offended by steemit blog. do they really think that people are this stupid? are people really that stupid?

As long as anyone falls for it, they will play that game.

But they did not predict me in that game. I'm all over them!

Hello there!

A fork whether it should be a soft or a hard should already been planned and announced months before the actual phenomenom should happen. I was surprised that Steemit was bought by Justin Sun from Ned just like that.

Funds getting frozen? Yeah kinda odd I was having trouble logging in to my Steem-Engine just recently but not really worried at all since I just have a few. Much as my friends wanted my Bitcoin Cash fortune exchanged to Steem but for any reason I was not given a break and in my 2 years of stay here. Good thing I got so busy with the "real life" and started a promising job in AT&T.

Thank you for this video and now I know why most people including you burst out when I posted that comment.

From this time what has already been 18 hours ago since you post this. What happened 6 hours ago?

130 Million Steem? OMG!

Calling Corona Virus! You know where to converge!

I guess some witnesses have been paid under the table and they're already fat rich and can live on an excluded island away from all the problems the world is encountering now. Most people from here already needed the money and some people here might also be Covid19 Positive.

I feel bad now. You have all reason in the world to hate that comment.

Thanks for you video man. Now my heart is on fire.

I can sense feel the sincerity the way you deliver your words. it's like you're gonna burst with anger too asking Ned where the funds have gone through representing all the people who needs their money now.

Hats off to you mate. See you soon.

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