Davie504 challenge for DTube Adoption - (short clip)

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a Davie504 i challenge you to join.jpg
I challenge you Davie504, the most followed italian youtuber, to join DTube.


Hey Davie this is the moment, everything comes from the bass.
Join DTube Now

, you will save million of bassists

BigBang creates the Universe?

Nope, it was the BigBass.

DTube is the place to be, for a 7 million followers You Tuber like you
You will discover what DCentralizAction is. It is like when you eat spaghetti and you can share it with many more content creators as well. On YouTube you need millions of followers and views to make your day. On DTube you need much less, one can be enough. On DTube you can supports many other content creators. DTube is where the bass comes.
Here it is the Davie504 challenge I replied

I add one line of ukulele, one line of voice and one line of backing voice. Then I mix, mastered and video edited the 2x2 matrix


Human bass

Ancora una storia tra di noi
Adesso anche il tempo si è fermato dentro queste stanze vuote
Ma solo dal basso nascerà
Una musica che salverà l'intera umanità

Human bass (English version)

One more story between us
Now even time has stopped in these empty rooms
But only from bass (below) will it be born
Music that will save all humanity

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