Decentralize yourself, Improvise and Dance with your neighbors during COVID19

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Decentralization in Real life

Take a look to what music can do for decentralization. Simply start playing your guitar, your piano, your instrument and sing with your neighbors.
Your forgot your guitar under your dusty?
This is the moment to start dancing, close to your neighbors. Your heart can be close, but your body can stay far, more the 1 meter.
Decentralization means stay closer to your neighbor and music is a great feature to make it real.

Improvisation - Where and when the songs were born

  • Una mattina mi son svegliato - One morning I woke up to decentralization
  • Irene serenade
  • Miss Brown
    An old madame at that moment went to her balcony for the first time since the beginning of the lockdown concert and she felt in the neighborhood, she came offering us chocolates.

At the end of the of this concert police come for the fourth time called by one neighbor who prefer car or airplane noises to music

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