The Role Of Instagram's Centralisation On The Massacre By The Military In Nigeria. (Dtube Version)

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Lives and properties worth millions of naira is currently lost on a daily basis in Nigeria. In all the 36 states of the country hoodlums and vandalizing government property and setting most of them ablaze turning the economy backward unknowingly. Now after more than 14 days of protesting the whole situation has suddenly turned bizare and what was once peaceful has become a war zone.
This is simple, the federal governments are employed hoodlums to join protesters in order to destroy government property and as a result of these actions it automatically turns the once peaceful protestors into enemies of the state because vandalizing government property worth millions of naira makes one an enemy of the state and hence this is a strategy to put the military in the streets to check the excesses of people.
in this video I talk about the strategy employed by the federal Government and also talk about how people have responded in a rather unwise manner. Social media has pushed a lot of Vendetta and people have reacted with violence because of the videos that are posted online.
I also talked about the role of centralisation and how Instagram seemed to play a role in centralising the information that are uploaded to their media, tagging it fake news. then I finally speak on how the future can make do with decentralized media where information can flow without it being censored.

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The irony the fact that some of those killings were streamed live on Instagram itself.