UMV VL 2017-02-07 SPIRAL WAVE (PC Engine game unboxing)

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BitChute 2020-05-04:
Hive Blogs 2018-03-03:
DTube 2018-03-03:

The un-boxing or un-packaging of a new in plastic wrap copy of Spiral Wave for the PC Engine, after opening the package, I (Joey) test the game (in a brief review) using the Retro Freak video game console.

Recorded at a time when I didn't feel up to very much video editing, I un-box or un-package Spiral Wave for the PC Engine.
PC Engine is the Japanese version of the Turbografx 16.

I this game is also featured when I try the Retro Freak!! Originally uploaded to YouTube in 2017, and BitChute 2018-08-27:

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