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This is a trailer i have producd for NIKIN for a branding campaign, hope you guys enjoy!

For every product a tree is planted! This is a commercial for the online campaign of NIKIN:

Mankind takes what it needs.
But instead of just taking we at NIKIN give something back.
For every product a tree is planted and we have almost planted half a billion trees.
Sustainable fashion needs to be affordable,
because we need solutions for the masses.
Take what you need but keep in mind to give something back.

NIKIN is a sustainable swiss clothing brand that plants one tree for each product🌲

Check out our website, follow us on Instagram and read our blog articles to stay up to date about what we are doing at NIKIN:

Shop CH - https://www.nikin.ch
Shop EU - https://nikinclothing.com (EU)
Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/nikinclothing/
Blog CH - https://www.nikin.ch/blogs/nikin-blog
Blog EU - https://nikinclothing.com/blogs/nikin...

Nicholas Hänny (https://www.instagram.com/nicholashae...)

produced by:
Ivan Schnoz (https://youtube.com/c/ivansnz)

tree by tree

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thanks mate for the curation!

You're welcome !

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