The differences between Hive and Steem are growing more apparent

in DTube3 years ago

An early video today to gauge if more people are online this time of the morning.

I have observed a substantial drop in engagement on Steem in the past few weeks. There is a distinguishable pattern emerging between the two blockchains. I feel that Steem development is on the back burner right now and Steemit is focused on the social media side of things. Hive on the other hand is driving forward with development and multi-usage capacities of their blockchain.

I know in time, they will be two very different beasts. Will Steemit ever come out with an updated road map or just be honest with people? Will Hive actually survive and thrive? So many questions and only time will tell.

Stay safe everyone,


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I'm sure @justinsunsteemit has a good plan for us! lol

Hive is way better, Steem is too busy censoring posts and getting spammed by Justin Sun's 10cent army.

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