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RE: Pal'n w/ Cahlen - What on Earth is Happening?

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Howdy Cahlen! Would you be available to join us on Zoom this Sunday night 9pm Eastern time? Which would be 7pm your time? You are in New Mexico right? We would love to have you join us. It will be an orientation meeting. We've got a few new members who have joined up with EarthSC and added them over to our Telegram groups. We've been getting busy with things.

Recently I got my State Citizen Passport and Passport ID card changing my status. However I think I still have one more step. I'm not quite their yet. I think I have to submit an "Explanatory Statement." I only got 3 stars on my passport card and I believe I'm suppose to have 5. Long story but I'm learning HA HA. Either way it is a start.

Anyways, hope to see you Sunday night :-). I will send you the link as soon as the Zoom meeting has been declared.


I've been thinking about the EarthSC thing, and I think it's best if I'm not in our your conversations. As someone who is committed to sharing the truth freely, I don't think I could stop myself from discussing publicly the things you discuss in your meetings.

Does your passport say US or USA Passport?

You may wanna check out Anna Von Reitz's stuff. It's along the same lines as what Dean talks about, but has a much more thorough description of what steps to take:

Ok I shared your message with everyone on Telegram. I will check out the link too.

Yes my passport says USA. They all say USA regardless of what your status is to hide the truth of the matter. So really there is no way to know for sure. All I know is my passport card has 3 stars on it and I believe you should have 5. I also know that I live in Arkansas and Arkansas is listed as one of the worst states to get your passport in as far as changing your status. Which makes me think that is why they only gave me 3 stars. I'm still learning as well as trying to verify these things. No confirmation yet. It is all so frustrating. I lost my connection with the law group i was meeting up with too. So I don't know if I will ever meet David Straight or Glenn Winningham ever again so I could ask them these things regarding the passport. For now I am just going to be happy with what I got.