Daily Jam! For 7/21/21. Immortal Girlfriend - Beyond The Blue (Official Audio)

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"Beyond The Blue" by Immortal Girlfriend

You act like you know me
You prefer the night
You pretend it's okay
You're trying to fight
It's all an illusion
Writing's on the wall
The truth is subjective
When lies start to fall

I can hear your footsteps
Coming down the hallway
Running from the things you wanted to do
I can hear your whispers
Talking 'bout the wrong things
Acting like it's okay
Beyond the blue

In every decision
There's always a choice
The moment you're choosing
You're losing your voice
It's all an illusion
Writing's on the wall
If you could've chosen
It'd be nothing at all

Mix and additional production by Daniel Holter
Mastered by Mystery Room Mastering

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