Why I Gave Up My Yesterday and Tomorrow

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Anxiety and depression seems to be something that we hear about regularly. We all either have suffered from it, or know someone that has.

In today's video I am talking about how I have given up my yesterday and tomorrow. It is something that I have learned over the years, and now I am putting that information to work.

Science has shown that when we recall a memory, we actually are seeing that memory through the lense of our current emotional state. So we can recall something that could have been a positive situation and actually make it a negative one. The same goes the other direction. We could have taken a negative situation and now it doesn't seem too bad.

We are plagued by our yesterdays and the emotions we feel cause depression. Not only are we dealing with what the past could have been, but then we wrap ourselves in the possibilities of what tomorrow could be.

I believe that this timing doesn't actually exist, and we are actually in one continuous "today". We make the decisions of today based on many things. Today I am talking about using the emotions from the past and the future to determine the present. Breaking down the infinite possibilities can be a real cluster, and that is why many of us struggle.

I am working on the idea of being able to see what used to be today and not letting it impact me. I am also opening up to the infinite possibilities of what the decisions I make could create. It is giving me more time in the today to just.....be.

I hope you enjoyed this today, and maybe it helped you wrap your mind around the idea of being able to let go. It is really hard to accept that we are our own worst influence.

Be well.
~The Yeti

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At any moment present is composed with things we have experienced and our perspectives taking form into realizations. Let's watch the video to find more!!

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