The world in 2050

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Life in 2050

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Let's read and react, not a prophesy thou, just a wild mind thought

Recently, I thought about how 2020 was hyped by a lot of people, I don't really know if it happened in my country alone but it was just too much here,

Before the arrival of 2020
Alot of musicians sang so many songs, there was a particular song that an artist in my country released then in 2013 "tittled boys are not smiling" by Olamide
He said it there and I quote "vision 2020 where do you want us to find it"

Now we are here to face the reality, the over hyped 2020 left is with a broken economy round the globe as we are battling with a disease called CORONA VIRUSE
This disease stopped a lot of activities like, football, Working, international trades, partying and even made a lot of people to loose their jobs, the vision 2020 was a hopeless and a helpless vision where everybody now prays for survival

But let's come to think of it
In 2050
What are we going to be facing worldwide

Perhaps, hunger'50

What type of clothes will we be wearing, or would we be naked completely, because in the world nowadays a lot of people chooses to be halfway naked as it margins along with technologies and the so called civilization exposure

What type of fake theory's will be propounded

Will it be that the invention of 6G is a sign of

Because a lot of rumors filled cyber about 5G tagging it with corona virus and a lot

What type of climate are we to expect in 2050

What will be most choice of jobs in 2050

What will be the challenges of 2050,

Will this vission be a dead one again?

What condition will the world be

Will USA and CHINA fight each other for 2020 corona virus outbreak at Wuhan?
These are questions that keeps coming to my mind and I feel like sharing with my blockchain partners to hear your opinion

What's your opinion about 2050?

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