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There's really no way to justify what JS is doing on Steem. If you haven't heard by now, tomorrow, May 20th 2020, Steem is going to have another Hardforkthat is going to STEAL funds from some accounts that they claim are a threat to the Steem ecosystem. It is theft at its best.

From what I have gathered, there's an on-going organization for a class action suit, but what can we as the little guys who haven't been affected by this do to help?
If there's one person I feel deeply sorry for from all this, it's got to be @theycallmedan. His passion for decentralization has led him to be caught in between the fire. I wasn't really going to get involved in this mess once gain, but after reading his current post, WHAT DO YOU STAND FOR, I feel compassionate to help in as little ways as I can. Maybe you guys will feel the same and chip in. There was a moment a while ago when someone said tweets don't mean anything or don't do anything or whatever, but they do. They get attention that leads to action. It's so interesting to watch how people who also get the most support in here get so silent when trouble comes, perhaps that's something to take note of from here henceforth.

Here's my 2 cents on how we can help for those that want to.


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