Spring Equinox Goodbye to Steem and Welcoming the Hive Collective Community with Hand Made Fire Opal Silver Pendants - Feel the Glow of Motivation!

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Hey bro! Long time no seen! Thanks for this video & the positive attitude! The last info I've heard about situation we're facing right now is that 5G has the direct connection with the so-called corona virus & that apparently Wuhan was the 1st city in the world completely covered with the 5G net. Besides that people are full of heavy metals & we're also electrical beings so the magnetic field is affecting the heavy metals in our cells causing them to decay. & they call this "a virus". Do you know anything about it?

I know that the mass submission to fear mongering is giving power to the government and we are loosing our personal freedoms on an unprecedented scale. If everyone would calm down and realize that if you are a healthy adult that is not of the elderly or infancy you are in all likelihood not in any danger of death, there would be a lot less mandates and extra imposed restrictions and regulation. Since everyone will not calm down however, things will get worse before they get better and there will be permanent repercussions as a result of this situation. Was the virus man made - probably, is this just a test run for something bigger and even worse to see how people will react and work out the kinks for next time- probably. Should we scared of the virus if you are a healthy adult - no. Should we be scared of the negative cultural, economic, and humanitarian impacts this situation will result - most definitely yes without a doubt. What is the best course of action for people like us - I honestly do not know yet, but I do know that I will be creating music to outline why the way this is being handled by the masses and by extension the governments is wrong and how we can learn from this as a human race properly so that when the real more serious rollout happens we do not all just fall in line with FEMA concentration camps and essentially willingly allow another mass genocide. I need to find another small country where I can grow my own crops AND CANNABIS (that one is a deal breaker) - and I will likely move there during the in between time after the "covid crisis" has passed and before the major 2nd virus unleashes at a future date. Do not worry about exactly how it works and what effects it, just make plans to keep your family safe - even if that means leaving the US or other 1st world country for good.... and also remain calm and do what you can to generate income in non-traditional ways in the mean time. I hope you are well.

Thank you brother for the kind words.

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