Spanish Joint - Ed Privat

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This is a cover I've been practicing for years, and every year I play it to check where my level is at.

It's a song from D'angelo's album "Voodoo" that revolutionized the Soul and Neo Soul genre, the song was not even recorded until very late in the production of the album:

“Spanish Joint” was one of the last songs to be recorded on the Voodoo project. In the interview below Russell Elevado describes how D was wrapping up the sessions at Electric Lady Studios and then remembered that “Spanish Joint” had been left unrecorded.

As for myself, I try to add a little more each and every time, this version focuses on the bass line and keeping the Latin rhythm while still playing the chords and riff. It's a great workout for the independence of the voice and fingers, and only recently I managed to keep the rhythm going, after 15 years of practice.
Damn, it took some time!


New album "Aimée" available:​​

Thanks for watching, and for the support ^^

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