Picking the Winners of the big DIYHub Giveaway - Week I

in DTube2 months ago

Last week we announced a big 3 week giveaway

And now it is time to determine the 1st two winners!

If you want to join the 2nd week of this giveaway trilogy:

Make sure to follow us on twitter! https://twitter.com/diyhubh

and check out the second round on hive as well:


Thanks for the huge participation, congratulations to the winners and GOOD LUCK for YOU IN WEEK II !

In the name of @diyhub,

Thank you for delegating and supporting our service:

We are based on a bot script but driven by human decisions. Thank you to our curation team:

@kaerpediem @priyanarc @tibfox @hafizullah @roger.remix @steemersayu907 @rehan12 @solominer @nonsowrites @ashikstd @deepu7 @lorenzopistolesi @k-banti @saracampero @stevenson7

This is service is 100% non-profit!

all of our curation rewards are going directly back to the delegators via weekly payouts! HP is payed out in HIVE! So feel free to support us with your delegation and earn passive income: 25 HP | 50 HP | 100 HP | 250 HP | 500 HP | 1000 HP


Have a witness !BEER

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