The Truth About the Steemit Tron Takeover with Steem Witness Luke Stokes

in DTube4 years ago

Today we bring you direct information from an insider, an actual Steem witness, Luke Stokes, on the steem blockchain takeover by Tron, Jeremy Sun, and the major crypto exchanges: Binance, Poloniex, and Huobi. If youre looking for an in depth explanation of the whole story you have come to the right place!

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Excellent interview, really sheds light on the history of where we find ourselves today and puts things into perspective. This is of great benefit to the community and should help to mitigate some of the confusion people, especially non blockchain power users, have been experiencing during the Steemit Inc. drama. Thanks and much success on your future content.

Luke, you talk a lot about decentralization, but 30 for 1 rule strongly supports centralization. In a large part, it has also allowed for the current drama. What is your point of view?

Great interview! You just explained so many things I was not aware of. Thank you! I like your point that Steemit is just a small part of the Steem eco- system. I've been using Appics quite a bit myself.

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