The Mathematics of Cryptography

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Hi @crypto-guru

There are many things going on with the Steem-Tron ecosystem right now, which include DeFi projects on Steemit with 8.5% staking yields and 10-30% curation yields like Steem-Staking @steem-staking which pays 100 percent of curation to delegators and of course your Steem never leaves your wallet.

We also have Guthub activity indicating we will soon be able to hold Tron Token TRX in our wallet and possible do atomic swaps of Steem for Tron.

The Tron ecosystem has more then one billion transactions on the new Version of the wildly successful Uniswap called JustSwap and the new version of the wildly successful MakerDao called Just.

Tron has partnerships with cold storage platforms for the Tron version of ERC20 TOKENS called TRC20 tokens and partnership with Oracle platforms.

It’s a great time to get involved with the Tron ecosystem.