Round Up Investing for Bitcoin Beginner's with Neel Popat of Donut

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I had so much fun sitting down with Neel Popat - the CEO of Donut, which is an app that offers some really fun/approachable ways for people to start investing in bitcoin.

You’ve probably seen “round-up investing” gain popularity in the world of finance - especially among new/young investors that are just starting to learn about saving and investing. It essentially allows them to “round up” their purchases and put the extra change into savings.

What’s really cool about Donut - is that they offer this functionality, but for investing in bitcoin! I think this is pretty cool because many people get intimidated by the idea of using exchanges and so this gives them a really easy first entry point into the world of bitcoin. They can either hold the bitcoin in their donut wallet or eventually transfer to a hardware wallet as they learn more about bitcoin.

Speaking of learning more - the Donut team really tries to focus on bitcoin education as well. Since their user base will mostly be people that are new to bitcoin - their content team has been putting out short, easy to understand pieces of education to help these new users along on their journey.

We also chat about their roadmap for development and what the team will be working on next. They have some cool features that will be coming out such as being able to buy bitcoin with Apple Pay.

One of my favorite parts of the conversation was asking Nee about the inspiration for the name! I love it when brands have really bright, fun, approachable branding and so it was cool to hear the thought process behind the name.

Aside from round up investing - they also offer options for recurring, regular investing as well - where users can set a daily, weekly, or monthly amount they’d like to auto-invest. Both this feature and the round-up essentially allow people to “set and forget”. I think this is really key because as we’ve seen with this pandemic - many Americans have little to no savings. For someone who is having a hard time starting to invest - setting up an auto-schedule may be a good option just to get the ball rolling.

I really hope you guys enjoy this conversation and learning more about Donut! I really enjoyed getting to chat with Neel and hear more about what they are building.

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