Crypto News Vlog #4 📸

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I'm back with another vlog style, crypto news update! Here are the things I cover in today's video.

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  • Most amount of days bitcoin has ever closed above 10k
  • The insane sushi bot comments on twitter
  • IMF made a video about inflation was was horrible and basically tried to talk people out of deflation as an idea.
  • The EMN rug pull
  • Greyscale now owns 450k bitcoins - which equates to 2.4% of the total current supply.
  • Trump and taxes
  • A judge overrules trump's tiktok ban
  • Jack Dorsey told Forbes that bitcoin and blockchain were the future of twitter.
  • The Kucoin Hack
  • Coinbase was trending in the US for now allowing their employees to talk about politics at work.
  • Is google censoring LBRY?
  • 18.5 million bitcoin have now been mined... meaning there are only 2.5 million left to mine.
  • The Verge did a full and indepth article on Justin Sun and it was not pretty.


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