Making Crypto Products Easier with Luke Stokes of FIO

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I loved getting to sit down with Luke Stokes to catch up on everything they’ve been building over at Fio! Luke and I have had the opportunity to hang out at various crypto conferences over the years and have known each other through the old Steem days and so it was really fun to catch up and here more about Fio.

We chat about their mission to make crypto products easier to use and how they are aiming to do this in a way that is actually decentralized and sticks to the ethos of what this space is all about.

We also chatted in depth about their integration at the wallet layer and used Edge Wallet as the example in our conversation.

I also pick Luke’s brain on what other ways we as an industry can help improve usability and what he thinks are the current barriers to consumer adoption.

We close out on a fun, slightly unrelated note and talk about Puerto Rico! I’ve been really curious about what that experience has been like and what some of the pros and cons have been that he’s noticed since relocating there.

I really hope you guys enjoy this interview and be sure to check out Fio from the links below!

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