I Hit Champion III in Splinterlands!

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Hi everyone! I hit Champion III this morning in Splinterlands! I hope you all have used all 40 witness votes to vote for our Steem witnesses, it would be a sad day to wake up and no longer have the Steem blockchain due to Justin Sun's sock puppet witnesses. They are the ones on the witness list without pictures! Please show your support today!

See you all on the battlefield!

Mitica Headhunter (692px, 10fps).gif

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I wish you luck in your battles and daily quest loot chests!

I will see you all on the battlefield!

May the Monsters be with you.

Chris Love @clove71

Splinterlands Rep

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This game truely is one of the best TRON Dapps out there! Thanks for being such invested in this. #tronOn

When you first bought Steemit, I was so busy trying to get your attention to ask what your gaming plans were and to try to get you to start playing Splinterlands to see how awesome it is. It is truly the best TCG out there! Splinterlands is the only one I play! I love it and I am obsessed about it! I hope you take down your witnesses soon so we can all work together and thrive as one strong community.

Congrats on the achievement. I too been playing and hope to get to champion III someday soon too. I a currently playing three accounts daily so sooner or later I will get there lol.

Yes! Last season I did not make Champion I until the very last day! LOL! You can get there just keep grinding away!! Good luck!

Holla Clove! Thanks for the great video! I loved watching the strategy aspect of you building your deck. Helps with folks like myself trying to learn. On a side note, for all the kindness and support you’ve given me in learning the game I’m sending you some SplinterTalk tokens! I recently won some so I’m gonna share them out and your first on the list! Keep up the awesome posts and keep on Steeming!

What? No- keep them for yourself and go cash out and buy some cards, LOL! Thank you anyway though very nice of you to think of me but go buy yourself some cards! Steem On!!!!

Good job. I am in diamond 3 hope to get to champ soon.

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Yes! You will get there- you are an awesome player!!!

With this whole situation I haven’t got a chance to play much this season but I plan on finishing the season strong. Champion III is awesome I haven’t been able to reach Diamond yet. You have a awesome deck btw.

I know, me too! But then I was like okay my Twitter account is now frozen! I used it so much and they won't get back with me for days- so we need to battle now! LOL! Try to play and take your mind off all the JS Tron CRAP lol!!!! We need to laugh and play!

I have been hitting diamond || at the end of the season. I guess I need summoners to go higher now. Can I use Dec from SE to buy cards on monstermarket

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Yeah, Summoners are so important! Good luck in your battles!

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