Streaming with Sanctioned Ivan

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In this video I was streaming and Sanctioned Ivan joined to my stream and asked to join my stream, that's how this was recorded.

Sanctioned Ivan also left Russia recently because of the mobilization. He recently hit more than 20K subscribers on YouTube. And in his channel he covers a lot of news about Russia and what's going on there. He's also not sure he'll stay in Turkey, just like me because more and more people are getting refusal of getting residence here. And the crazy thing is that more countries are making it hard to Russians to live in them, they are kind of pushing them to get mobilized and just helping the Russian government, really.

Anyway, we discussed all those issues in the video.

It's nice when we support each other, we even meet here Ukrainians who are really friendly with us. There are Russian/Ukrainian communities who met in other countries and really support each other.

Watch the video on Dtube here!

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