''The less you know the better you sleep''

in DTube2 months ago

It's a video I shared a Russian saying ''The less you know the better you sleep''.

I feel that people besides being afraid of the virus and tired because of this pandeminc and some even got hurt because of those masks and lost some money paying fines for something created by their goverments, there is also an other problem and that : ''People are overwhelmed by the information about all things related to laws and medicines and even politics.'' I think that can lead to stress and people are really tired from all this. That can hurt their health even more than the virus.

But, in the other side, I can also say that ''The more we know the better we sleep.'' We may ptotect ourselves from the real danger. From wearing masks all the day. Some are wearing golves and hurting their skin. Some have to pay fines just for not wearing mask or going outside. If we know more about the medicine, we may even heal ourselves by breathing the fresh air and remove that mask when we are not in public. By knowing the law we may protect ourselves and learn about our rights.

I hope this tips will help you during this pandemic.

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