Vivid Sydney 2017 Light Music Ideas Festival Time lapse 4K

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Vivid Sydney - Festival of Light, Music & Ideas

With the Vivid Sydney 2020 Light, Music, Ideas Festival out of the picture this year due to the Covid saga and usually on around this time I decided to revisit my work in the previous years. This time lapse was taken over 2 evening starting from Darling Habour going through to Circular Quay and Royal Botanic Gardens so only a portion of the overall display.
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I used a Canon 5D Mark III with 16-35mm f4 lens on YouPro YP-880 Intervalometer. During the second night I managed to break the cable connector of the remote so ended up manually triggering the camera for the remainder of the shoot.
Edited in Davinci Resolve
Music: "This Way” - A Journey Between Us , Sourced from

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