Splinterlands season ended yesterday evening, claimed 46 season focus chest

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Hello beautiful world!
Wishing you a great day ahead..
Splinterlands season ended yesterday evening and I was eligible for 46 season focus chest that I claimed yesterday evening. I was surprise to see bulk amount of SPS that was over 700. Beside it there was something more that I count in the form of legendary blood lust ability Monster from life unit. Single good for card along with one Chaos Legion pack.
Today evening I was checking out couple of the post and I was surprise to see new soulbound cards from Daily chest. Although my energy rate was very down so I could not play battle but from tomorrow I will start new beginning with Daily focus chest to involve in soulbound reward card..
Really it will be interesting to get these cards from focus chest.
What's your opinion? please leave your opinion in comment box.
Thanks for being here..

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